with Matt Becker and Tana Green

Whistlr was an app for sharing your contact information with acquaintances, colleagues at a conference, or the person you just met at the coffeeshop.

The app would create your contact profile by pulling in your contact card information from the iOS Contacts App. Once you had done that, you could share your contact card with othter people nearby who had Whistlr open. For security, whenever a contact card was sent, a three-digit code was generated. Whoever was meant to receive the contact card would enter the code, and the sender’s contact card would be added as a new contact in their Contacts app.

It was powered by Chirp’s data over sound technology; letting you easily and securely share contact information with those around you. (Note: Chirp has since been acquired by Sonos, and their developer site is no longer active.)

This is the post we shared to announce it.

Walkthrough Video: