I’m fortunate to be an investor in some fantastic companies. Some of them are hiring; reach out if you’re interested in any of the listed roles!

Angel Portfolio

Alive Companies

  • Automat - Automate your automations with video demonstrations and text descriptions.
  • Banana Dev - Machine Learning Model Deployment on Serverless GPUs.
  • BrevDev - Fine-tune and train ML models in < 10 minutes.
  • Chroma - The AI-native open-source embedding database.
  • Default - Capture inbound sales leads via customizable and integratabtle forms on your website.
  • Embra - Fastest AI assistant for professionals.
  • ExplainPaper - LLM powered research paper explanations.
  • Galileo AI - Copilot for Interface Design.
  • Ixana - High-speed Human-Computer Interfaces with Distrbuted Computing.
  • Jangle - Distraction-Free Computing.
  • Onward - Tool for schedule and calendar enhancement.
  • Rime Labs - Generative synthesized speech with realistic and diverse voices.
  • Roboflow - Full-Scale computer vision platform for developers.
  • SF Compute - Affordable, on-demand pre-training clusters.
  • Sprout - Create customizable, shareable virtual spaces for you and your favorite people.
  • Theatre.js - JavaScript animation library + GUI.
  • Trace - Create high-fidelity designs and animations in code.
  • Vuecason - Combined 3D metal printing and machine tool.

Notable Outcomes

  • Texts - Unified messaging application (acquired by Auttomatic)

Other Outcomes

  • Lumen - The Augmented-Reality flashlight (Dead).

  • Zaplib - Port your Javascript to Rust, incrimentally (Dead).

Grants Projects

I helped run the BUIDL Grants project, and contributed grants to