Interfaces + Invention + Investing.
Computers are great but they could be better.


I’m a developer and researcher working in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. I live and work in San Francisco, California.

You can explore a variety of projects I’ve contributed to—spanning work assignments, open-source contributions, freelance gigs, and personal endeavors—on my Projects page.




I’m currently working with a couple folks on an iPad app for Designers called Stitch. We’ll be rolling out TestFlight access soon.

I also angel invest, and am particularly interested in startups reimagining the way we interact with computers.


This site is home to my Notes on HCI, new technologies, and software development. Published work can be found here. I also maintain a list of books that I’ve found important in my work on the Books page.

Pages are served by Render, and hosted on Github. I use Hugo to generate the site itself, and use a custom theme developed by Judah.

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