Nick Arner

I’m a developer and researcher working in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. I live and work in San Francisco, California.


You can check out some of the things I’ve made and worked on here.

Working Together

I’m currently available for small freelance iOS / macOS development projects, as well as technical writing and research work. I’ve done work for companies such as Tlon, Dusty Robotics, Roboflow, and Meter.

You can download my resume.


I write about HCI, new technologies, and software development here. Published work can be found here.

Investing / Advising

I also angel invest, and am particularly interested in founders and startups reimagining the way we interact with computers.

Some of the companies I’ve invested in are hiring; reach out if you’re interested in any of the listed roles!

Other Things

I keep a list of books I’ve found important in my work. You can find me at other places on the web here.

Get In Touch

Send me a note at nicholasarner (at) gmail (dot) com, or find me on Twitter.