with Matt Becker and Tana Green

Whistlr was an application designed to facilitate the exchange of contact cards between individuals through audio signals, reminiscent of the Bump app, but utilizing audio instead. It employed the ChirpSDK to enable data transmission via audio tones, essentially creating an audio QR code.

Whistlr catered to individuals looking to share contact details with new acquaintances, colleagues at events, or casual meetups at cafes. The app streamlined the creation of your contact profile by importing your contact card information from the iOS Contacts App. Once set up, you could share your contact card with others in proximity who had Whistlr open. To bolster security, a three-digit code was generated each time a contact card was shared. The intended recipient would input this code to receive and save the sender’s contact card in their Contacts app.

It was powered by Chirp’s data over sound technology; letting you easily and securely share contact information with those around you. (Note: Chirp has since been acquired by Sonos, and their developer site is no longer active.)

This is the post we shared to announce it.

Demo Video: