Project SOLI Alpha Dev Program

I was of 80 developers worldwide to be accepted into Google’s Project Soli Alpha Developer Program and was one of 14 Alpha Developers to be invited to Google HQ to workshop new ideas regarding potential applications using SOLI.

My work involved investigating Soli’s potential use in new musical instruments with Paul Batchelor; who wrote the sound synthesis language that powered the instruments. Some of this work was shown in in this video presented by ATAP at Google I/O 2016:

This research was published in O Soli Mio: Exploring Millimeter Wave Radar for Musical Interaction, co-written with Francisco Bernardo and Paul Batchelor, at the NIME 2017 Conference in Copenhagen.

I wrote about the experience of being part of the Soli Alpha Developer Program, as well as an overview of the coming use of radar as an integral part of human-computer interaction.

You can check out the sketches and designs I made while working with Soli here and some notes on prototyping Soli-controlled interactive graphics here.