AudioKit is an open-source framework designed for audio synthesis, analysis, and production on Apple platforms. I was instrumental in launching the project and remained an active contributor for three years. My contributions spanned from creating example projects, tutorials, and website content to developing key features like framework testing and Sensible Defaults.

Prior to its public release, I played a pivotal role in preparing AudioKit for open-sourcing. I crafted example projects and tutorials, enriched the website content, and worked on innovative features to enhance user experience. One such feature was the introduction of “Sensible Defaults,” aimed at aiding developers without an audio or music background to effortlessly integrate AudioKit into their projects. This feature provided preset configurations for a variety of audio synthesis objects, enabling a seamless start without the need to tweak individual parameters initially.

For instance, within AudioKit, there are several physical modeling objects. I tailored defaults for an object generating a bells sound, which, when utilized, would produce a jingling bells effect upon audio playback.

You can explore the initial version of the project website here.