Nick Arner


Posted at — Jan 1, 0001

AudioKit is an open-source audio analysis, synthesis, and processing toolkit for iOS and OS X apps. Now in its third version, I was involved in development, communication, and education since prior to the initial public release in 2014.

Prior to its initial public release, I helped prepare AudioKit for open-sourcing by creating example projects, writing tutorials, and creating website content. I also worked on features like framework testing, and what we internally called “Sensible Defaults” - the idea that programmers wanting to incorporate AudioKit into their projects who didn’t have an audio or music background could easily get get started with using audio objects thatt sounded good without having to tweak individual parameters to start. I created presets for a variety of audio synthesis objects that when used by a developer, would allow for a good template

For example, AudioKit has a variety of physical modeling objects. One of these is an object that will generate a bells sound; for that object, I created defaults that would sound like jingling bells when the audio was played.