Participating in the SOLI Alpha Developer Program

Published on May 23, 2016

Last year, Google announced that they would be accepting accepting applications from developers to be part of the Project SOLI Alpha Developer program. My friend Paul Batchelor and I were one of 80 total developers selected worldwide to be part of the Alpha program. Our work focuses on the use of SOLI in interactive music.

We were selected to attend a workshop in Mountain View with other Alpha developers, and members of the SOLI team. Google sponsored the trip, and we’re immensely grateful for the hospitality, experience, and chance to meet the SOLI team and other Alpha Developers.

Additionally, our project was selected to be shown in the official Alpha Developers video released by ATAP. This video was shown during Ivan Poupyrev’s update on SOLI at this year’s I/O.

More footage of our project will be available at a later date, so stay tuned to this space for further video and other SOLI related updates!

Press for Project SOLI: